In the Blind with Team Drake


Last weekend Team Drake (Doug, Travis, Jake) and TAZ Outdoors hit the island for a morning duck hunt.  What started out as a promising day ended with one spoonbill and a couple of classic whiffs.  I was a bit concerned about the weather when checking the forecast the night before (no wind, fog to sun, and fairly mild temps).  Still, there was hope when Travis pulled the number 5 chip from the bag.  We were definitely due after some lousy chip draws earlier in the season.  The blind was a good producer for us in the past, but today the birds were just not interested.

Despite the lack of a quality shoot, it’s always a good time in the blind with this crew.  Good stories, some laughs, music, the movie quote game, and the “would you rather” game all help to pass the time on boring hunt days.

I’m looking forward to the next hunt with these guys.  Hopefully the next one will include some sore shoulders and a pile of ducks.