We are back!

Wow!  It’s been quite a while since my last post.  Some new additions to the family have kept me quite busy the past couple of years.  But with the smell of fall in the...


Scout Trip Ends with a Limit

  Last weekend, Zack and I ventured out solo in hopes of finding a new spot.  It was a bitter cold morning with the temperature gauge in the truck reading 21 degrees.  I knew...

Travis and Jake surveying the skies for any sign of waterfowl.

In the Blind with Team Drake

  Last weekend Team Drake (Doug, Travis, Jake) and TAZ Outdoors hit the island for a morning duck hunt.  What started out as a promising day ended with one spoonbill and a couple of...


Halloween Duck Hunt

On Halloween I had my sights set on some decent spots, but someone had beat me to my favorite blinds!  We were starting to question if hunting today was a good idea.  Luckily a...


Early Season Success

Our waterfowl season is well underway!  The first couple weeks started out slow for us.  We still managed to bag a few birds opening week.  Still not what we had hoped for. Last week,...


Tuna Fishing off the Oregon Coast

I found this tuna fishing video in my private youtube account and forgot all about it!  It’s from a couple seasons ago, but as usual I love watching some of our old vids to...


Eastern Oregon Goose Hunt

We headed to Eastern Oregon for a leisurely hunt and found ourselves in a goose blind.  We didn’t quite have the set up to hunt in a field.  We managed to make it work...


Photos from this Season

We made some great memories this past hunting season. Here are just some of the photos captured while out in the field.


Final Weekend of Duck Season

The TAZ Outdoors crew struggled to find the birds all season long, and we were desperate for a decent weekend. The final weekend produced the results we had been looking for! We finished with...